Thursday, February 7, 2008

David Monsalve Interview

Goalkeeper David Monsalve came to Toronto FC last season and played two games for the club.... One against Aston Villa, and one against Chicago. Monsalve talks to Come On You Reds! about these two games, and much more in the following interview.

First of all, you’ve probably been asked this a lot, but you come into the team and your first game is against Aston Villa! What was that experience like for you?

It was a great experience. I mean any young keeper playing their first pro game would be excited, but to have the privilege to play my first game against Aston Villa of the EPL was a great start. I couldn’t begin to tell you how nerve racking it was at first, but as soon as it started I was focused and excited more then anything.

What was it like playing soccer as a youth at a high level in Canada? When did you start playing and when did you decide that soccer was what you wanted to pursue?

To be able to say I play for team Canada at such a young age was something I was and still am very proud of. It was a lot of fun to be able to travel and play international games in countries I never thought I'd get to see. The experiences I had over the years with the youth national teams have helped me mature as both a person and as a keeper. I started playing soccer when I was 4. I decided I wanted to pursue soccer when I realized I was decent at it. When you’re a kid you always dream big and as I got older the dream started to become a reality, so that’s when I decided I was going to put everything into this.

You then went on to face Chicago in your next game, where you made some fantastic stops in a losing effort. How was this experience different to the Villa game?

The game against Chicago was my second pro game, so I used what I learned in the Aston Villa game in the Chicago game. I already knew what it was to play in front of 20,000 people, so I could concentrate less on the little things and more on the bigger picture (trying to get a positive result).

How did the players treat you when you came into the team?

Was there anyone who really helped you and made you feel comfortable with the situation you were in?

By that time I had been training daily with the guys and built relationships with everyone, so it was like any other day on the pitch. All the guys were very supportive and willing to guide me in a positive way in order to help me. I remember an incident where Carl Robinson was very helpful. Although he yelled at me a couple times, it helped me realize exactly what i was doing wrong and what i should be doing instead.

You were an MLS pool keeper, what was it like knowing that at any moment you could be signed by anyone in the league, sometimes for just one game?

I wasn't worried at all about going to another team. I knew that TFC was unfortunate to lose Gregg Sutton to a season ending injury therefore assuring me a permanent spot with TFC for the remainder of the season.

What was Mo Johnston like as a coach? We seldom get to see him work with the players.

Mo is a tough coach that demands a lot from each of his players. He keeps you working hard daily throughout the entire season. He always demanded more out of me which taught me to play hard every day because there is always someone else there fighting for your spot.

As for next season, do you know if you will be back with the club?

I am not sure if I will be back with TFC. I most definitely would like to be apart of a club that I like to call HOME. It’s a special place to me and I love the guys but one never knows where you'll end up.

You were selected as a goalkeeper for the U-20’s in the summer, what did this mean to you?

Forming part of the U20's was a proud moment for me. I mean every time I put on the jersey I get a sense of pride to play for your country, but to represent your country in a World Cup is a dream come true.

You obviously knew many of the players on the team before hand, and have seen many of our youth players come up through the system. Who are three players that we should really keep an eye on in the near future?

Jaime Peters

David Edgar

Andrea Lombardo

Three players that have played at the international level many times and played regularly for their clubs. They have shown that they can handle the professional level and be affective while doing so.+ David Monslave (and look out for me) haha

What do you feel is your greatest attribute when it comes to your goalkeeping?

I think I bring to a team what a lot of goalkeepers don’t have. I feel like I’m good with my feet coming out the back and I’m often in the right position at the right time. These two things help me to be a great leader to my back line and give me the confidence to play to the best of my ability.

Growing up, did you have any players that you looked up to? Was there a team that you followed overseas or in South America?

I followed and still follow Colombian soccer and like any kid growing up I admired a lot of players. In the end my favourite player is the player I imagine myself to be in a few years time

Finally, if you could sum up your experience last year with Toronto FC, and Canada in one word, what would it be?

Start (just the start of a great career)


Paul said...

Good interview

Monsalve really impressed me when he played for TFC

Eli said...

Monsalve has a great future ahead of him.He's really good I had the oppertunity to see him play on his debute for canada sub-23 (he signed my pants I LUV him)aginst guatemala he stoped a penalty and got his hands on 2.well the bestes luck to "DAVID MONSALVE"