Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just Say No to the Argos

BMO Field is the home of Toronto FC, not the Toronto Argos, and it should stay that way. I am a season ticket holder for Toronto FC, and as rumours surface yet again surrounding the move of the CFL to BMO Field, it has become clear that this move is coming closer and closer to reality; enough, is enough. I, as a fan of Toronto FC, will not stand for such a move and have decided to protest against it. If the Argos are to move, it would almost certainly bring about stadium alterations that would hinder our ability to enjoy, and create the atmosphere that we are so proud of; along with other possible negative impacts. It could ruin Toronto FC.

Therefore, if these rumours are not cleared up, I will be wearing black and not my usual Toronto FC red. I hope you all will join me.


Anonymous said...

i cannot bring myself to accept the fact this might happen. what an injustice. if they add lines to the field i will not be renewing my season tics.

Anonymous said...

The injustice is not that they are moving to BMO and changing the stadium - it's that they backed out of the original stadium plan and left the CSA/city/government to build it alone and that are allowed in now!